Fruit Processing line

Brand: Zhuoyu
Material: SUS 304
Capacity: 100-2000
Size: 4000*1200
Quantity: 1 piece
Area: 河南

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    Basic Info.

    Product Description

    1. The overall equipment is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is beautiful and elegant, has a long service life, and is not easy to deform.

    2. The equipment adopts two cleaning methods: bubble tumbling and high-pressure water flow, and the cleaning effect is good.

    3. The inner tank device can be easily cleaned by high-pressure water gun after the operation of the staff is completed.

    4. The use of in-line inclined processing and welding at the bottom is beneficial to the sewage discharge and drainage effect of the equipment.

    5. The external 50*50 stainless steel 304 square tube is welded without deformation and has a long service life.

    6. The secondary water purification spray device is cleaned by secondary washing with purified water.

    7. Filtration of circulating water can achieve the purpose of water saving and energy saving by 3 times of filtration.

    8. The overflow tank device can guide the attachments on the water surface to the overflow tank for discharge through the water flow.

    9. The equipment is easy to operate with one-button operation, making it easier for employees to operate.

    1. frame body: The whole body is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which conforms to the national food production standards.
    2. Fan: A large air volume is used as the fan, the distance between each group of fans and the fan is 1m, the air-drying efficiency is high, and the height of the fan can be adjusted freely according to different products.
    3. Stainless steel mesh cover: In order to prevent the product from being blown away when it is too light, a punched stainless steel mesh cover is added to the empty space of the equipment. The product will only be turned inside and will not be blown out. The protective cover can be removed for easy cleaning.
    4. Transmission system: It is mainly composed of transmission chain, transmission sprocket, bearing seat, driving shaft, driven shaft and mesh belt. The mesh belt is driven by each driven shaft independently. It has a long service life and is easy to disassemble and maintain. The mesh belt has brush edge protection to protect the product from being squeezed and damaged. For the product with too many dead corners, the mesh belt needs to be turned over several times, so as to achieve a better air-drying effect; Each time the chain is turned over, the chain is driven independently, reducing the tension of the chain and prolonging the service life.

    5. Electronic control system: The control system is integrated with the equipment. There is a frequency conversion reducer inside, the speed can be adjusted, and the reducer drives the transmission chain to operate, thereby bringing it to the mesh belt to run.
    6. The discharge end of the equipment: add a baffle curtain and a stainless steel baffle at the feed end to prevent the material from running out, and the discharge port can better gather the products.
    7. The equipment is generally equipped with two types of mesh belts: stainless steel mesh chain, PP chain plate. It acts as a buffer when blanking to prevent damage to large products.
    8. There is a device to prevent materials from flying out at the feeding end: The equipment consists of a tank body, an inner tank body, a sediment isolation net, a lifting device, and a bubble generating device.

    Company Profile

    Business Type: Food Machinery and Packing Machinery
    Main Products:
    Registered Capital: N/A
    Mode: Manufacturers
    Area: 河南
    Size: 50-99

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