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    The ore feeding of cone crusher shall be uniform to prevent overload caused by uneven feeding, which leads to excessive negative simplicity of fixed cone liner and grinding deviation. Regularly check the discharge condition to prevent the accumulation of materials at the discharge port, regularly check the pressure of oil pressure or spring safety device, and adjust the discharge port in time. Operators should often observe the movement, temperature rise and vibration of various parts to prevent the loosening of connecting parts and anchor bolts. Check whether there is ore or other objects in the crushing chamber and whether the oil pressure or spring safety is normal.

    When the cone crusher is running, the hydraulic oil temperature shall meet the requirements specified by the equipment. The particle size of crushed materials shall meet the requirements of the product manual. The feeding shall pass through the distribution plate, and the feeding amount shall not be higher than the horizontal plane of the rolling mortar wall. The operating current and power shall not exceed 85% of the rated current and power. The equipment shall be inspected, maintained and repaired regularly. During the operation of the crusher, the pressure of the locking system and the working condition of the hydraulic station shall be checked. In case of oil leakage and insufficient locking force, the crusher shall be shut down for inspection and repair. After the crusher is installed, conduct no-load test for 7 ~ 8h. If there is no fault, conduct 12 ~ 16h on load test again. At this time, the oil temperature discharged from the oil drain pipe shall not exceed 50-60 ℃.

    The ore in the crusher is unevenly distributed. It will cause eccentric wear of parts such as fixed umbrella plate and adjusting ring, produce unqualified products, and reduce productivity at the same time. In severe cases, it will cause one side of the crusher to move, which will increase the support pressure of the spring and accelerate the wear of the matching slope between the support sleeve and the flange of the machine body. Therefore, when the ore enters the crusher, the screening device is used to leave the too fine powder materials and too large block materials outside the crusher for treatment. To ensure that the particle size of the machine is relatively uniform and avoid the occurrence of the above accidents.

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