Integrated distillation instrument

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    Integrated distillation instrument

    Product development background:

    Fully comply with the new national standard

    In laboratories of all levels, distillation experiments are a very common and important preprocessing task. For example: sulfur dioxide residues in food, formaldehyde, volatile base nitrogen (the latter two need to be used with Jiqun steam generators) and other items. The traditional distillation device has a scattered structure, cumbersome operation and high failure rate. The heating power of the distillation process is difficult to control, the end point cannot be automatically determined, the distillate is easy to suck back, and the cooling process consumes a lot of fresh water resources and has high heating power consumption. Therefore, the traditional distillation process The device has many disadvantages.

    Applicable units and testing items:

    Environmental monitoring stations at all levels, psychiatric rooms of disease control centers, hydrology and water resources. Urban water supply and drainage monitoring, scientific research institutes, universities and other water quality testing laboratories at all levels.

    Test items: Volatile phenol, cyanide, ammonia nitrogen, Kjeldahl nitrogen in water. Distillation pretreatment projects such as fatty acids, and distillation pretreatment of soil oxides, cation exchange capacity and other projects.

    Such as sulfur dioxide residues in food, formaldehyde, volatile base ammonia and various items that require distillation and treatment.

    Main technical advantages:

    1. Built-in cooling water circulation system design:

    The built-in compressor automatically circulates internally without the need for external cooling water, which can save a lot of urban freshwater resources, especially for water-scarce cities in the central and western regions, in line with the development of environmental protection equipment in my country to save energy and reduce consumption.

    2. Design of heating module:

    Using the internationally popular PTC far-infrared ceramic radiation heating, the power consumption is small and the heating efficiency is high.

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    Business Type: Steel pipe production line, steel pipe embossing machine, steel pipe bending machine, steel plate embossing machine, steel plate bending machine
    Main Products:
    Registered Capital: 1000 ten thousand 人民币
    Mode: 贸易商
    Area: 天津
    Size: 1-49人

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